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akashi/murasakibara/himuro manga


Title: akashi/murasakibara/himuro manga

Original Comic: here | TranslatorJin | Typesetter: Goobs

Pairings: Murasakibara/Himuro, Murasakibara/Akashi

Characters: Murasakibara, Akashi, Himuro

Original Artist’s Comments: A story from after the Rakuzan vs Shuutoku match. The past with Aka-chin, the future with Muro-chin.


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"don’t quit."

"don’t quit."






Thanks to all who purchased Animalia!! Here’s my guest art I made for the book. If you haven’t bought it, definitely check it out!




all of mine and jo’s logs about abe/haruna and/or abe’s gay awakening hhahahaha there’s some #nsfw text

[08/10/2013 22:19:17] Ziek: why is there no fic of haruna jokingly patting abe’s butt after a victory and abe feeling weird about it
[08/10/2013 22:19:34] koujakuweh: because people don’t got no taste
[08/10/2013 22:20:53] Ziek: that they don’t
[08/10/2013 22:21:48] Ziek: bhhbbhbh thinks deepyl about haruna hugging abe when the going is good and teasing him and ruffling his hair and abe is just kinda nnNN about it all
[08/10/2013 22:22:53] koujakuweh: dealing with a lot of fricked up unrequited feelings
[08/10/2013 22:22:54] Ziek: haruna gets his face real close and abe is blushing like mad and then suddenly he’s gone and abe feels relieved but also crushed
[08/10/2013 22:23:10] koujakuweh: he wants
[08/10/2013 22:23:11] koujakuweh: so bad
[08/10/2013 22:23:15] koujakuweh: to shove haruna in a dumpster
[08/10/2013 22:23:19] koujakuweh: but at the same time
[08/10/2013 22:23:19] koujakuweh: TO KISS HIM
[08/10/2013 22:23:22] koujakuweh: DIRECTLY ON THE MOUTH

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"You're going to swim for me."
"I want to swim with you."


Major Arcana - Teikou Basketball Club